pomegranate juice processing line

Introduction of AGICO pomegranate processing line

pomegranate juice processing line
AGICO pomegranate juice processing line is used to obtain the production of premium quality-taste and color- fresh pomegranate juice. Pomegranates are washed after preliminary inspection. Seperated kernels are pressed at certain pressure carefully without damaging the seeds in order to avoid bitter taste. Available line capacity starts at 4t/h pomegranates input and above.
pomegranate juice
Throughout history pomegranate has the relationship with longevity and fertility. Now, the healthy and delicate pomegranate juice serves as a highly valued fruit base to a great variety of lifestyle products. With its long standing tradition in the pomegranate processing market, AGICO supports the industry with the greatest expertise available.
production of pomegranate juice
sorting of pomegranate

Juice extraction

The juice extraction system we supply is fruit pulping machine, which has the big advantage of providing a very soft pressing of the pomegranate arils, preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the juice. The obtained juice is processed by a vibro-screener in order to remove any eventual solid particle.

Main equipments of pomegranate processing line

Equipment name
elevator for cirtus juice processing line
Be used in the low or high level lifting and conveying of pomegranate.
Rolling rail fruit sorting machine
Rolling rail fruit sorting machine
Sorting of pomagranate by manual.
Brush and spray cleaning machine
brush and spary cleaning machine
Removing of extraneous matters and eliminating the stickiness contained on most of the pomegranates' peels.
Fruit bubble washing machine
fruit bubble washing machine
Washing fresh vegetable and fruits and pomegranate.
Peeling and squeezing machine
peeling and squeezing machine
Remove the peel out of  pomegranate, and extract the juice on the first time.
Pineapple pulper
citrus juice processing line pulper
Destoning and pulping of pomegranate.