Pineapple Juice Processing Line

Pineapple Juice Processing Line

pineapple juice
If you want to build a pineapple juice complete production line, there are some juice making machines are indispensable just as the following:

Fruit elevator---Fruit sorter--- Brush type citrus cleaning--- Fruit bubble washing machine---Fruit elevator--- Pineapple peeling and squeezing---Fruit pulping

The Processing Line

pineapple juice complete production line

1. Fruit elevator 2. Fruit sorter 3. Brush and spray cleaning machine 4.  Fruit bubble washing machine 5. Fruit elevator 6. Peeling and squeezing machine 7. Pump Ⅰ 8. Pineapple pulper 9. Pump Ⅱ

The flowchart is the processing line of pineapple juice making machine. As the picture shows that the fruits washed firstly by using fruit bubble washing machine, then the bad ones are picked out, to make sure that the fruits to be processed are of good quality. Those good ones are extracted and pulped. The pineapple juice making machine is the main equipment in this production line which is responsible for extracting the pulp and juice from the fruits.

processing of pineapple juice making
pineapple juice processing sorting line

Main equipment of the pineapple juice complete production line

We can design and manufacture whole pineapple juice processing line according to your requirement. The capacity of pineapple juice complete production line can be 5T-15T/H. 

Equipment name
elevator for cirtus juice processing line
Be used in the low or high level lifting and conveying of fruit and vegetables.
Rolling rail fruit sorting machine
Rolling rail fruit sorting machine
Sorting of pineapple by manual.
Brush and spray cleaning machine
brush and spary cleaning machine
Removing of extraneous matters and eliminating the stickiness contained on most of the pineapples' peels.
Fruit bubble washing machine
fruit bubble washing machine
Washing fresh vegetable and fruits and pineapple.
Peeling and squeezing machine
peeling and squeezing machine
Remove the peel out of  pineapple, and extract the juice on the first time.
Pineapple pulper
citrus juice processing line pulper
Destoning and pulping of pineapples.